Badiner Urban Planning, Inc.

Recent Clients

Recent clients include:

My clients include:

Major Developers and Property Owners 

  • SKS Real Estate
  • BayWest Development
  • Birmingham Development
  • InterContinentalSF
  • Ground Matrix/Polaris
  • Trumark Urban
  • HelloOffice

  • Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Company
  • Museo Italo Americano
  • La Scuola
  • SF Conservatory of Music
  • Temple Emanu-El
  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Technology Companies

  • GMCruise
  • Ike Robotics
  • Volta
  • Embark Trucks


  • Mark Cavagnero Associates
  • Gould Evans Architects
  • Stok Architects


  • Reuben Junius and Rose
  • Gibson Dunn
  • Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass.
  • Tobener Law
  • Valence Law Group


During my tenure with the City, I was the City’s project manager or as Assistant Director, responsible for shepherding some of the most complex projects in the City:

Giants Ballpark

I was the Planning Department’s project manager, and was a key member of the City’s interdepartmental team working with the Giants and their consultants.  The success of the Ballpark design is, in no small part, due to the urban design decisions made at this time with the City team.

Transbay Terminal, Rincon Hill and Transbay Area Plan

Transbay Terminal, Rincon Hill and Transbay Area Plan – As the City’s Transbay project manager in the 1990s, the team laid the groundwork for today’s terminal.   The current terminal design is based upon alternatives developed during this period.  I was also the project manager for the 1990s Land Use plan for Transbay and Assistant Director in charge of the Rincon Hill Plan.


If your project needs a code amendment, I have the expertise to evaluate its likelihood of success, and the technical and knowledge to implement the changes. I was responsible for the analysis and recommendation for all legislation affecting the Planning Department.  This requires a deep understanding of policy and codes, as well as the politics of the situation.  Legislation I’ve been closely involved in includes both City-sponsored and privately sponsored legislations affecting parking issues, developing rules for emerging issues, such as car share and food carts, allowing new restaurants in Neighborhood Commercial districts, and rezoning or Special Use Districts to accommodate unique developments to name a few were all either prepared, modified, or reviewed by myself and my staff.

Urban Design

I have extensive experience in Urban Design and the City’s application of Planning Code design controls and design guidelines.  I can advise you on the design controls, the intent of the design controls, and most importantly, how staff applies the controls.

Downtown and highrise towers

I am an expert in the policies and controls for highrises, both commercial and residential.  I practically wrote the book on the City’s Office Annual Limit process.  My expertise includes both the technical code requirements, the design issues inherent in the General Plan and the Planning Code, as well as staff and Commission design concerns.

Neighborhood Commercial Issues

I have been heavily involved with the review and approval of neighborhood commercial projects of all types, including  mixed use projects, restaurants, Formula Retail (chain stores) to name a few.  I can provide the needed expertise to get the approvals your projects need in a timely manner.  I also directed the two major recent policy issues relating to the Neighborhood Commercial Districts: an evaluation of the control after 20 years of their implementation, and the first Neighborhood Commercial Design Guidelines.

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