Badiner Urban Planning, Inc.


Services Offered

Lawrence Badiner, Urban Planner provides a full complement of services to bring a project from initiation, through planning policy and code feasibility analysis, advising architects on community and public officials’ likely reaction to design alternatives, and processing and obtaining public entitlements. My expertise is with complicated projects, including multi-use, controversial, or require multiple approvals from the public sector.

With over 25 years of planning expertise in a wide range of planning disciplines, I bring a real-world perspective to land use and planning issues. Through my understanding of policy and area plans, zoning and economic development policies, I am able to advise clients in creating site plans, master plans, and area wide plans.  I am also able to evaluate how a site and a proposed development concept conform to public policies and controls.

I have extensive experience in the entitlement process, ranging from relatively simple changes of use and Conditional Use Authorizations, to complex projects that need multiple entitlements from different approval bodies.  I can advise you what is achievable and what is unlikely to be successful.  I work with my clients to develop an approach to securing public approvals and create the materials needed to work constructively with governmental agencies.


Below is a list of some services offered:


  • Development Envelope and Site Analysis
  • Planning Code review, interpretation, analysis and entitlement strategy
  • Planning and other governmental applications (BCDC, Historic Preservation Commission, SFRA,  Port)
  • Planning due diligence 
  • Planning Policy Analysis
  • Legislation Creation and Amendment
  • Master Plan, Area Plans, Neighborhood Plans

Government Relations

  • Crafting the narrative of the project and materials
  • Representation before government bodies, including the Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, Board of Supervisors (including committees) and the Mayor's Office


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